The ideal partner for the design and production of moulds

Since 2001, we have specialised in the production of moulds for cold sheet metal moulding and processing.
Initially focused on the white goods sector, we then moved on to the automotive sector, concentrating on the design of moulds for large thicknesses.
Our mission is to meet the constantly evolving needs of companies, offering precise and efficient equipment for cold-moulding and sheet metal punching, with technical expertise, quality products and a prompt after-sales service.
From the design to the finished product, AIRO is the ideal partner for the production of moulds for sheet metal components.


Experience and innovation by your side

Founded in 2001 by Bizzotto Tiberio, AIRO has always stood out for the production of moulds for cold moulding of precise, durable sheet metal with a high technological value.


Foundation of the company

Airo Srl was founded in July 2001 as a result of the initiative of Bizzotto Tiberio who, with determination and a forward-looking look towards the future, started the production of moulds for the printing of sheet metal for the household appliances sector.



AIRO acquires new specialisations

In 2008, AIRO expanded its borders, specialising also in the production of moulds for components for the automotive sector.


Implementation of Industry 4.0

To respond to the growing demands for innovation in the market, we began the implementation of Industry 4.0 in the company. Thanks to this project, we have a state-of-the-art machine fleet that ensures maximum precision, quality and efficiency at every stage of the mould design and construction process.


Areas of applications

Production of moulds for all industrial sectors

AIRO creates manual, progressive and transfer moulds for the cold moulding processes of sheet metal in all the main industrial sectors: automotive, white goods, electronic, mechanical, medical and packaging.