Mould design

AIRO’s technical department, which boasts specialised skills and in-depth technical knowledge, is responsible for following customers in the process of designing moulds and equipment for cold-moulding sheet metal using advanced design tools.

The iterative process of designing moulds for sheets and metals starts from a careful analysis of the requirements of the final component, including drawings, dimensional specifications, tolerances and mechanical properties required.
Once all the technical details have been established, our design team uses innovative software such as Visi Modelling, Visi Progress, Visi Machining 2D and 3D, Visi Blank and Siemens NX for 2D or 3D project development.

These tools allow us to design different types of moulds (even complex ones) suitable for all industrial sectors including automotive, household appliances, medical, electronics, etc. We produce manual, progressive and transfer moulds quickly for the processing of any type of sheet metal from 0.3 up to 12mm thick.

You can rely on our mould design service!

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